Partners in SciX

The consortium includes organisations with key people that can do the process reengineering (SHH, USAL), ensure content from- and promotion in- the engineering (LJU, USAL, SHH) and the architectural (TUW) communities, develop new technologies (LJU, USAL), create rapid prototypes (FGGI) and state of the art final products (ATL) as well as pioneer new business models to make solutions relevant to the industry (IBRI).

1. LJU - University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering

The unit involved is the Chair of Construction Informatics that pioneered the use of Web technologies in construction since 1993. To the project, LJU contributes knowledge on electronic publishing (ITcon e-journal, CUMinCAD digital library) and bridges the modelling and analysis tasks and the pilot software development. LJU will work on architectural foundations and design advanced agent based repository management, end user interfaces and is coordinating the project.

organisation: Univerza v Ljubljani Fakulteta za gradbeništvo in geodezijo
address: Jamova 2, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija.

key person: Prof. Žiga Turk
phone: +386-1476-8622
fax: +386-1425-0693

2. SHH - Swedish School of Economics and Business Administration

Department of Management and Organisation (HANKEN). The Information Systems Science unit (within the department of Management and Organisation) both teaches and is involved in research of how the Internet affects the business processes of different industries. The unit will contribute by its experience in business process modelling as well as its overall know-how of the scientific publishing process. In addition the Library unit of SHH will be involved to provide in depth know-how of one part of the publication process as well as a European network of contacts.

organisation: Svenska handelshogskolan
address: P.O. Box 479, 00101 Helsinki, Finland.

key person: Prof. Bo-Christer Bjork
fax: +358-94-313-3275

3. IBRI - Icelandic Building Research Institute

The division involved in the project is the division of IT. The division on behalf of its institute was one of the founding members of the academic and research network in Iceland later INTIS the first Internet provider in Iceland. Main research areas have been on Internet and web technologies and client/server architectures in construction. In the project it will contribute to the development and integration of value added services - deliverable over the Internet and related interoperability issues and API specifications.

organisation: Icelandic Building Research Institute
address: Keldahnolti, 112 Reykjavik, Iceland.

key person: Mr. Gudni Gudnason
phone: +354-570-7332
fax: +354-570-7311

4. ATL - Atlante

is a 100% subsidiary of INDRA Group (biggest Spanish IT Services Group) focused on e-business services. It is team of more than 300 professionals focused on the development and implementation of global customer tailored Internet Business Solutions, which cover the whole value chain of e-processes: from strategic and e-business consulting, through web design and creativity, to e-business SW development and e-business systems integration, to hosting and e-services. In this project, Atlante's main role is the deployment of Web based services, which they will exploit later to create knowledge management services.

After two months in the project, Atlante was replaced by its parent company INDRA.

5. TUW - Vienna University of Technology

is the leading Austrian technical university. The unit involved is the Institute for Local Planning at the department of architecture. IFOER belongs to the pioneers concerning the implementation of (high-end) computer applications in planning. TUW also developed largest on-line index of abstracts for CAAD - CuminCAD - and brings the related experience into the project. In the project TUW will manage architectural content, state requirements and assess solution.

organisation: Institut fur Ortliche Raumplanung TU Wien
address: Karlsplatz 13, A-1040 Wien, Austria.

key person: Prof. Bob Martens
phone: (43)1-58801-25620
fax: (43)1-58801-26899

6. FGGI - FGG Institute

is a technology park spin-off founded by the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, and aimed at commercialising research and developments as well as consulting and design expertise of the Faculty of Civil and Geodetic engineering. FGGI has been involved with creating Web sites for the Slovenian chamber of Engineers, etc. In the process it uses tools for rapid prototyping of Web solutions. In the project they will use them to create early prototypes and final versions of the services.

organisation: Inštitut FGG d.o.o.
address: Jamova 2, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija.

key person: Mr. Tomo Cerovšek
phone: +386-1476-8521
fax: +3861-425-0681

7. USAL - University of Salford

The Information Systems Institute (ISI) is a School within the Faculty of Business and Informatics at University of Salford, UK. It was founded as a partnership between Salford University and leading businesses in the United Kingdom, with the aim of producing graduates who can make an immediate contribution to the application of IT in organisations, and an emphasis on industrial collaboration. The ISI has currently about 30 organisations being involved as Industrial Associates.

organisation: University of Salford
address: 43 The Crescent, Salford, UK, M5 4WT.

key person: Prof. Grahame Cooper
phone: +44-161-295-5759
fax: +44-161-745-8169


Indra is the leading Spanish company in Information Technologies (IT). Its activities are distributed into three lines of business: Information Technologies and Simulation and Automatic Maintenance Systems (80%), and Defence Electronic Equipment (20%). Indra is an outstanding point of reference on the markets in which it operates, at both national and international level Present in more than 40 countries on the five continents, more than 40% of its billing in 2001 came from its international activities. This position is strengthened by a network of delegations and permanent offices that provide the company with a sound insight into the markets on which it works, as well as by strategic international agreements and alliances.

organisation: Indra Sistemas S.A.
address: Parque Empresarial Arroyo de la Vega. Avda. Bruselas, 35., 28108 Alcobendas / Madrid, Spain.

key person: Mr.Jorge de Teresa
phone: (34-91) 335 14 00
fax: (34-91) 335 14 01

Key persons

The SciX team at the kick-off in Ljubljana, March 19, 2002. From left to right: Bo-Christer Bjoerk, Hanken, Iztok Kovacic, Ljubljana, Andreas Voigt, TU Vienna, Grahame Cooper, Salford, Mateja Smid, Ljubljana, Pedro Magana, Indra, Ziga Turk, Ljubljana, Tomo Cerovsek, Ljubljana, Bob Martens, TU Vienna, Gudni Gudnasson, IBRI.

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