1. Scientific publishing: as-is business and information model (SHH)

This document presents the literature study, the as-is models of scientific publishing and the as-is models of electronic publishing on the Internet and the related business models.

2. Scientific publishing: to-be business and information model (SHH)

Based on the software architecture, initial prototypes, possibilities offered by the technology, the as-is models, user surveys etc. a to-be model is documented.

3. On-line survey software (LJU)

This is software to implement on-line user surveys on the Web made available as a Web service or open source code, so that scientists from other fields could repeat the surveys and compare the findings with those in SciX.

4. Recommendation, model comparison (SHH)

This report compares the economies of the as-is and to-be models; it takes into the account the experiences with the prototypes; the surveys, the studies of the barriers to process change (including the legal study) and issues the recommendations for the near future handling of scientific publication process and what individual parties invloved (scientists, libraries, funding organisations, commercial publishers) should do.

5. Content sources and acquisition techniques (TUW)

The report identifies the possible content sources as well as the dissemination tagets and the technologies that can be used to gather the addressed content.

6. Initial content architecture (TUW)

Initial content from the field of architecture is compiled - at least 4000 papers of that 1000 in full text.

7. Initial content engineering/construction (FGGI)

Initial content from the field of engineering and construction is compiled - at least 1000 papers of that 500 in full text.

8. Technology: market watch, state of the art and requirements analysis (USAL)

This reports documents the technical base on which the SciX pilot can be developed, reports similar and competitive efforts etc. It also documents the end user requirements.

9. Overall architecture report (USAL)

This reports documents the software architecture of the pilot system implemented within the SciX project.

10. Overall implementation report (LJU)

This document presents all the development work done in the project and includes the documentation of the freely available software and services.

11. Overall assessment and evaluation report (LJU)

Resulting from the assessment and evaluation tasks in WP7, performed by a partner with extensive business experiences in the internet economy, this document will evaluate the work performed by other partners and also give estimates of the after project viability of the solutions. This document will provide a final report as well as documentary evidence of notes that the evaluators gave to the developers during the development work and after seeing the prototypes. Both the results of the technical workpackages as well as of the business process reengineering workpackage will be assessed and evaluated.

12. E-Journal: Infrastructure pilot (LJU)

Software to implement an on-line, peer reviewed journal and which supports the publication process workflow is created and made available as a Web service or open source software. With minor modifications, this solution is also usefull for conference and workshop organisation.

The infrastructure is in use at

13. Core pilot (FGGI) - released

Software implementing the repository core.

The core is used in several Web applications such as or

14. Intelligent maintenance and use pilot (FGGI) - released

Software implementing the advanced features of the repository.

15. Wrapper service pilot (IBRI) - released

Software implementing the value adding wrapper service.

16. Dissemination material and website(s) (LJU)

An overall graphical design of the project is defined, including logo, document and slide formats, web page layouts etc. A colour brochure for the project is designed and the public website. The content of the brochure and of the website is regularly updated every 3 months. This deliverable focuses on the project - target audience is related to electronic publishing.

17. Workshop, event and proceedings

During the second year of the project, a workshop will be organized. Some of the key persons from the area of electronic publishing will be invited to share their views with the SciX partners and provide some valuable feedback on the project. The outcome of this workshop also feeds into the recommendation deliverable.

18. Promotion, SIG, on-line community

The project and the resulting software will be actively promoted within the relevant national and international organizations; a special interest group will be formed including a mailing lists and a possible e-newsletter. An on line community of the users of the SciX repository will emerge. This deliverable focuses on the repository. Target audience are engineers and architects.

19. Dissemination and use plan (ATL/INDRA)

The activities described in the deliverables 16-18 will be planned in this dissemination and use plan. It will also include the exploitation plans of the partners, the plans on how to transfer the results to other communities, the life of the results after the end of the project etc.

20. Final report

This document will include the key findings and recommendations of the project.

Updated on April 6, 2004
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